Spindfilm has its locations in Solbergelva in Nedre Eiker close to Drammen. Spindfilm is a project under Temte Productions as, a production company for theater and film which throughout the last 15 years has done a number of successful projects. Please see www.temte.no for more information.

Spindfilm produces and develops Short films and Feature films and wants with its projects to create a base for a film environment in Drammen and Nedre Buskerud. We have been working with our first feature film for 2 years and have gathered 3 million croner from private sponsors, companies, Buskerud County and Nedre Eiker and Drammen commune.

Spindfilm has produced two short films and are now continuing with the central people from these projects; Marcelino Martin Valiente (director/script), Rolv Håan (photography), Jacob Hultgren (editing), Sven Nordin and Rune Temte. We have previously also worked closely with Morten Thomte, the second script writer.

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